The biennial report has been initiated to present and share the most innovative and creative projects of the Adobe Design Marketing Cloud. Our focus was to be informative for the reader who may not familiar with Adobe Marketing Cloud with a beautiful printed object.

The Process


I was the lead designer of this printing project, in addition to completing my daily work. The overall project was nine months in the making. This biennial report was designed and produced based on the projects of entire Adobe Design Marketing Cloud team.

Table of Contents


Within our biennial report we showcase each Adobe solution that our Marketing Cloud design team supports, and highlight important milestones that contribute to their current evolution. Interspersed throughout we featured the voices of our design team leaders who demonstrate our passion for the work we do, and our commitment to our users as we do it.




The biggest challenge was to maintain each project’s unique characteristic as well as to provide the visual style consistency throughout the entire biennial report. Since we have collected all the pieces from various team members, each material had different style, voice, and tone. We had to go through many iterations and modifications before the final design appears flawless.

Final Design


The overall design is very clean and simple, but we try to use solution colors as a point color to give some uniquenes to each solutions.

Our work has garnered an Outstanding Achievement Award from the HOW International Design Awards, and will be featured in the Spring 2018 issue of HOW Magazine.

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